Companion Policy to NI 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 16 Exemptions and Approvals
Section 16.2

Exemptions under Prior Policies

(1) Subsection 19.2(1) of the Instrument provides that a mutual fund that has obtained, from the regulatory or securities regulatory authority, an exemption from a provision of NP 39 before the Instrument came into force is granted an exemption from any substantially similar provision of the Instrument, if any, on the same conditions, if any, contained in the earlier exemption.

(2) The Canadian securities regulatory authorities are of the view that the fact that a number of small amendments have been made to many of the provisions of the Instrument from the corresponding provision of NP39 should not lead to the conclusion that the provisions are not “substantially similar”, if the general purpose of the provisions remain the same. For instance, even though some changes have been made in the Instrument, the Canadian securities regulatory authorities consider paragraph 2.2(1)(a) of the Instrument to be substantially similar to paragraph 2.04(1)(b) of NP39, in that the primary purpose of both provisions is to prohibit mutual funds from acquiring securities of an issuer sufficient to permit the mutual fund to control or significantly influence the control of that issuer.