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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 3 Independent review committee
Section 3.7


(1) An independent review committee must have at least three members.

(2) The size of the independent review committee is to be determined by the manager, with a view to facilitating effective decision-making, and may only be changed by the manager.

(3) Every independent review committee member must be independent.

(4) An independent review committee must appoint a member as Chair.

(5) The Chair of an independent review committee is responsible for managing the mandate, and responsibilities and functions, of the independent review committee.


1. To ensure its effectiveness, a manager should consider the workload of the IRC when determining its size. The CSA expect that the manager will seek the input of the IRC prior to changing the size of the IRC.

2. The CSA anticipate that the Chair of the IRC will lead IRC meetings, foster communication among IRC members, and ensure the IRC carries out its responsibilities in a timely and effective manner.

The CSA expect the IRC Chair will be the primary person to interact with the manager on issues relating to the investment fund. An IRC Chair and the manager may agree to have regular communication as a way for the IRC Chair to keep informed of the operations of the investment fund between meetings, and of any significant events relating to the investment fund.

3. The requirement that all members of the IRC be independent does not preclude the IRC from consulting with others who can help the members understand matters that are beyond their specific expertise, or help them understand industry practices or trends, for example.