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Form 51-102F1 Management's Discussion & Analysis
Part 1 General Provisions
Section a

What is MD&A?

MD&A is a narrative explanation, through the eyes of management, of how your company performed during the period covered by the financial statements, and of your company’s financial condition and future prospects. MD&A complements and supplements your financial statements, but does not form part of your financial statements.

Your objective when preparing the MD&A should be to improve your company’s overall financial disclosure by giving a balanced discussion of your company’s financial performance and financial condition including, without limitation, such considerations as liquidity and capital resources – openly reporting bad news as well as good news. Your MD&A should

  • help current and prospective investors understand what the financial statements show and do not show;
  • discuss material information that may not be fully reflected in the financial statements, such as contingent liabilities, defaults under debt, off-balance sheet financing arrangements, or other contractual obligations;
  • discuss important trends and risks that have affected the financial statements, and trends and risks that are reasonably likely to affect them in the future; and
  • provide information about the quality, and potential variability, of your company’s profit or loss and cash flow, to assist investors in determining if past performance is indicative of future performance.