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National Instrument 44-101 Short Form Prospectus Distributions
Part 4 Filing Requirements for a Short Form Prospectus
Section 4.2

Required Documents for Filing a Short Form Prospectus

An issuer that files a short form prospectus shall

(a) file the following with the short form prospectus:

… (ii) Material Incorporated by Reference – copies of all material incorporated by reference in the short form prospectus and not previously filed;

… (iv) Other Reports and Valuations – a copy of any report or valuation referred to in the short form prospectus, for which a consent is required to be filed under section 10.1 of NI 41-101 and that has not previously been filed, other than a technical report that

(A) deals with a mineral project or oil and gas activities of the issuer, and

(B) is not otherwise required to be filed under subparagraph 4.1(a)(v) or (vi);

… (vii) Expert’s Consents – the consents required to be filed under section 10.1 of NI 41-101; …

(b) deliver to the regulator, no later than the filing of the short form prospectus,

Exemptive Relief Orders