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Frequently Asked Questions Re NI 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations (CSA Staff Notice 51-311)
Part C MD&A
Question C-2 Form

re repeating information in MD&A from notes to financial statements

Q: Do I have to duplicate in my MD&A information already included in the notes to the financial statements?

A: Information specifically required by Form 51-102F1 must be included in the MD&A, and simply cross-referencing to a note in the financial statements would not be sufficient. For example, although the notes to the financial statements may include information about contractual obligations, Form 51-102F1 requires an issuer that is not a venture issuer to include in the MD&A a summary, in tabular form, of contractual obligations. In this example a cross-reference would not meet the Form 51-102F1 requirement.

Issuers should use their judgment to ensure the MD&A complements and supplements the financial statements. This may include a discussion and analysis, but not a repetition of details disclosed in notes to the financial statements that are not specifically required by Form 51-102F1.