Frequently Asked Questions Re NI 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations (CSA Staff Notice 51-311)
Part E Business acquisition reports (BAR)
Question E-1

re optional significance tests

Q: The optional significance tests in subsection 8.3(4) of NI 51-102 are based on financial information relating to my most recently completed interim period or financial year. In calculating the optional significance tests, can I use financial information relating to financial statements for a completed interim period or financial year that have not yet been approved by my board of directors or audit committee, and have not yet been filed?

A: Yes. However, you would want to consider the possibility that adjustments to the financial statements from subsequent review by your external auditors, audit committee or board of directors may change the results of the calculation. For example, the acquisition may be a significant acquisition based on the adjusted financial statements, when it initially did not meet the significance thresholds, in which case you may be in default of the BAR requirements. [Amended May 4, 2007]