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Companion Policy to National Instrument 41-101 General Prospectus Requirements
Part 5 Content of Long Form Prospectus (Financial Statements)
Section 5.10

Financial statements for acquisitions of a predecessor entity, a business or businesses acquired by reporting and non-reporting issuers

(1) The financial statements for acquisitions of a predecessor entity, a business or businesses acquired by the issuer, or other entity must be included in the prospectus under Item 32 of Form 41-101F1, if the entities or businesses satisfy the conditions of paragraph 32.1(1)(a), (b), or (c) unless, as contemplated in subsection 32.1(2) with respect to paragraph 32.1(1)(a) or (b)

(a) the issuer was a reporting issuer in any jurisdiction of Canada on the acquisition date in the case of a completed acquisition or immediately prior to the prospectus filing in the case of a proposed acquisition,

(b) the issuer did not have only cash, cash equivalents or an exchange listing as its principal asset, and

(c) the issuer provides disclosure under Item 35 of Form 41-101F1. The disclosure requirements applicable to a reporting issuer in Item 35 are intended to reflect the requirements that would be prescribed for such acquisitions in the reporting issuer’s business acquisition report.

(2) An issuer that is subject to Item 32 must also consider the necessity of including pro forma financial statements pursuant to section 32.7 of Form 41-101F1 to illustrate the impact of the acquisition on the issuer’s financial position and results of operations. However, these pro forma financial statements are only required if their inclusion is necessary for the prospectus to contain full, true and plain disclosure of all material facts relating to the securities being distributed. Examples of when pro forma financial statements would likely be necessary are in cases where:

(a) the issuer has acquired multiple businesses over the relevant period; or

(b) the issuer has an active business and has acquired another business that will constitute its primary business going forward.

In certain circumstances, an issuer may need to disclose multiple acquisitions in its prospectus where the acquisitions include an acquisition of a primary business or predecessor entity to which section 32.1 of Form 41-101F1 applies and a significant acquisition to which only item 35 of Form 41-101F1 applies. In this case, the issuer may wish to present one set of pro forma financial statements reflecting the results of all of the acquisitions, as contemplated separately in each of sections 32.8 and 35.7 of Form 41-101F1. The securities regulatory authority or regulator would not generally object to providing this relief. However the issuer must request the relief when filing its preliminary prospectus.