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Form 51-102F1 Management's Discussion & Analysis
Part 2 Content of MD&A, Item 1 Annual MD&A
Item 1.4

Discussion of Operations

Discuss your analysis of your company’s operations for the most recently completed financial year, including

(a) total revenue by reportable segment, including any changes in such amounts caused by selling prices, volume or quantity of goods or services being sold, or the introduction of new products or services;

(b) any other significant factors that caused changes in total revenue;

(c) cost of sales or gross profit;

(d) for issuers that have significant projects that have not yet generated revenue, describe each project, including your company’s plan for the project and the status of the project relative to that plan, and expenditures made and how these relate to anticipated timing and costs to take the project to the next stage of the project plan;

(e) for resource issuers with producing mines or mines under development, identify any milestone, including, without limitation, mine expansion plans, productivity improvements, plans to develop a new deposit, or production decisions, and whether the milestone is based on a technical report filed under National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects;

(f) factors that caused a change in the relationship between costs and revenue, including changes in costs of labour or materials, price changes or inventory adjustments;

(g) commitments, events, risks or uncertainties that you reasonably believe will materially affect your company’s future performance including total revenue and profit or loss from continuing operations attributable to owners of the parent;

(h) effect of inflation and specific price changes on your company’s total revenue and on profit or loss from continuing operations attributable to owners of the parent;

(i) a comparison in tabular form of disclosure you previously made about how your company was going to use proceeds (other than working capital) from any financing, an explanation of variances and the impact of the variances, if any, on your company’s ability to achieve its business objectives and milestones; and

(j) unusual or infrequent events or transactions.

INSTRUCTION Your discussion under paragraph 1.4(d) should include (i) whether or not you plan to expend additional funds on the project; and (ii) any factors that have affected the value of the project(s) such as change in commodity prices, land use or political or environmental issues.