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Form 41-101F1 Information Required in a Prospectus
Item 35 Significant Acquisitions
Section 35.3

Completed acquisitions for which issuer has not filed business acquisition report because issuer was not reporting issuer on acquisition date

(1) An issuer must include the disclosure required under subsection (2), if

(a) the issuer completed an acquisition of a business or related businesses since the beginning of the issuer’s most recently completed financial year for which financial statements of the issuer are included in the prospectus,

(b) the issuer was not a reporting issuer in any jurisdiction on the acquisition date,

(c) the acquisition is a significant acquisition, and

(d) the acquisition date was more than

(i) 90 days before the date of the prospectus, if the financial year of the acquired business ended 45 days or less before the acquisition, or

(ii) 75 days before the date of the prospectus.

(2) For an acquisition to which subsection (1) applies, include all the disclosure that would be required to be included in, or incorporated by reference into, a business acquisition report filed under Part 8 of NI 51-102, as if

(a) the issuer was a reporting issuer in at least one jurisdiction on the acquisition date,

(b) the business acquisition report was filed as at the date of the prospectus,

(c) the issuer was a venture issuer at the acquisition date, if the issuer is an IPO venture issuer,

(d) subsections 8.4(4) and 8.4(6) of NI 51-102 did not apply, and

(e) references to financial statements filed or required to be filed meant financial statements included in the prospectus.