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National Instrument 62-104 Takeover Bids and Issuer Bids
Part 2 Bids
Section 2.14

Change or Variation in Advertised Take-Over Bid

(1) If a change or variation occurs to a take-over bid that was commenced by means of an advertisement, and if the offeror has complied with paragraph 2.10(2)(a) but has not yet sent the bid and the bid circular under paragraph 2.10(2)(b), the offeror must

(a) publish an advertisement that contains a brief summary of the change or variation in at least one major daily newspaper of general and regular paid circulation in the local jurisdiction in English, and in Quebec in French or in French and English,

(b) concurrently with the date of first publication of the advertisement,

(i) file the advertisement, and

(ii) file and deliver a notice of change or notice of variation to the offeree issuer’s principal office, and

(c) subsequently send the bid, the bid circular and the notice of change or notice of variation to the security holders of the offeree issuer before the expiration of the period set out in paragraph 2.10(2)(b).

(2) If an offeror satisfies the requirements of subsection (1), the notice of change or notice of variation is not required to be filed and delivered under section 2.13.