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National Policy 51-201 Disclosure Standards
Part III Overview of the Statutory Prohibitions Against Selective Disclosure
Section 3.7

Administrative Proceedings

(1) We may consider any number of mitigating factors in a selective disclosure enforcement proceeding including:

(a) whether and to what extent a company has implemented, maintained and followed reasonable policies and procedures to prevent contraventions of the tipping provisions;

(b) whether any selective disclosure was unintentional; and

(c) what steps were taken to disseminate information that had been unintentionally disclosed (including how quickly the information was disclosed)

If a company’s disclosure record shows a pattern of “unintentional selective disclosures”, it will be harder to show that a particular selective disclosure was truly unintentional.

(2) Nothing in this policy statement limits our discretion to request information relating to a possible selective disclosure violation or to take enforcement proceedings within our jurisdiction where there has been a breach of the tipping provisions.