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Form 51-107B Climate-Related Strategy, Risk Management and Metrics and Targets Disclosure (Proposed)


(1) This Form applies to both corporate and non-corporate entities. Income trust issuers must provide disclosure in a manner that recognizes that certain functions of a corporate issuer, its board of directors and its management may be performed by any or all of the trustees, the board of directors or management of a subsidiary of the trust, or the board of directors, management or employees of a management company. In the case of an income trust, references to “the issuer” refer to both the trust and any underlying entities, including the operating entity.

(2) An issuer is not required to disclose information that is not material in respect of items 1 and 3. An issuer must exercise judgment when it determines whether information is material in respect of the issuer. Would a reasonable investor’s decision whether or not to buy, sell or hold securities in the issuer likely be influenced or changed if the information in question was omitted or misstated? If so, the information is likely material.

(3) An issuer may incorporate information required to be disclosed under Item 4 by reference to another document. The issuer must clearly identify the reference document or any excerpt of it that the issuer incorporates into the disclosure provided under Item 4. Unless the issuer has already filed the reference document or excerpt under its SEDAR profile, the issuer must file it at the same time as it files the document containing the disclosure required under this Form.