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SEC Rules
Regulation S-X
Form and Content of and Requirements for Financial Statements
Section 8-01

General requirements for Article 8.

Sections 210.8-01 through 210.8-08 (Article 8) shall be applicable to financial statements filed for smaller reporting companies. These sections are not applicable to financial statements prepared for the purposes of Item 17 or Item 18 of Form 20-F.

(a) Financial statements of a smaller reporting company, as defined by Section 229.10(f)(1) of this chapter, its predecessors or any businesses to which the smaller reporting company is a successor shall be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States.

(b) Smaller reporting companies electing to prepare their financial statements with the form and content required in Article 8 need not apply the other form and content requirements in Regulation S-X with the exception of the following:

(1) The report and qualifications of the independent accountant shall comply with the requirements of Section 210.2-01 through 210.2-07 (Article 2); and

(2) The description of accounting policies shall comply with Section 210.4-08(n); and

(3) Smaller reporting companies engaged in oil and gas producing activities shall follow the financial accounting and reporting standards specified in Section 210.4-10 with respect to such activities.

(c) The requirements of Section 210.3-10 are applicable to financial statements for a subsidiary of a smaller reporting company that issues securities guaranteed by the smaller reporting company or guarantees securities issued by the smaller reporting company. Disclosures about guarantors and issuers of guaranteed securities registered or being registered must be presented as required by Section 210.13-01.

(d) The requirements of Section 210.3-16 or Section 210.13-02 are applicable if a smaller reporting company’s securities registered or being registered are collateralized by the securities of the smaller reporting company’s affiliates. Section 210.13-02 must be followed unless Section 210.3-16 applies. The periods presented for purposes of compliance with Section 210.3-16 are those required by Section 210.8-02.

(e) The Commission, where consistent with the protection of investors, may permit the omission of one or more of the financial statements or the substitution of appropriate statements of comparable character. The Commission by informal written notice may require the filing of other financial statements where necessary or appropriate.

(f) Section 210.3-06 applies to the preparation of financial statements of smaller reporting companies.