Privacy Policy

Our Committment

Lexata respects the sensitivity of people’s personal information. If you fill out our Contact Form to request a demo or otherwise communicate with us, we will only use your name and e-mail address to reply to your query or communicate with you about Lexata’s product. We will not sell your information; nor will we share it with any third party unless you explicity consent in advance or unless sharing is required by law.

Data Collection

Lexata uses the website hosting platform Kinsta. Kinsta collects aggregated data for us, e.g., the total number of users per day, to help us understand the speed and other performance metrics of our website, unrelated to any specific user. Lexata’s search technology tracks the words entered into the search box, the date of the search, and how many hits the search generated. We use this information to help us continually improve Lexata’s search technology. The data we collect from users’ searches and via Kinsta does not identify individual users or their organizations.

Lexata does not use Google Analytics or other tracking software to install cookies on users’ computers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend this privacy policy; in that case, the changes will be posted here promptly. You may request a copy of this policy from Leslie McCallum at 44 Oriole Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, M4V1V7 or at or by filling out our Contact Form.