The System

Lexata is an intelligent securities law research system. It uses sophisticated computing techniques – particularly natural language processing – to find the most relevant rules when a user searches the database.

Lexata helps in-house and external counsel find answers to securities law questions quickly, using google-like searches, with no research training required. With Lexata’s technology,

  • in-house counsel can answer more questions for themselves; their consultations with external counsel will be less expensive, focusing more on analysis and strategy and less on rule-finding; and
  • external counsel can advise on securities laws more efficiently, with less tedium and a greater ability to predict the costs of research.

Lexata’s database and search algorighms are being built and refined; the prototype topics are

  • insider reporting and early warning reporting;
  • financial statements required for public offerings; 
  • investment fund compliance; and
  • annual shareholders’ meetings.

We welcome your feedback. What topics and and features are most important to you?