2021 Annual General Meeting Calculators

About the AGM Calculators

The 2021 annual meeting season is coming up. Lexata’s AGM calculators show deadlines under corporate and securities laws relating to public companies’ shareholder meetings. Each deadline is accompanied by links to the relevant rules.

Amendments relating to COVID-19 that affect 2021 meetings are noted in the calculators.

Assumptions Underlying the Calculators

Lexata’s AGM calculators make the following assumptions:

  • There is no proxy contest or dissident information circular.
  • The company is an “offering corporation” (for the OBCA calculator) or a “distributing corporation” (for the CBCA calculator). In other words, the calculators are for public companies.
  • The record date for voting at the meeting is the same as the record date for notice of the meeting.
  • There is no adjournment of the AGM.
  • The company has completed at least one full fiscal year post-IPO.

Future versions of the AGM calculators will accommodate a greater variety of factual scenarios, e.g.

  • companies incorporated in other provinces/territories;
  • banks and insurance companies under the Bank Act or Insurance Companies Act;
  • companies conducting their first AGM post-IPO; and
  • including the delivery requirements for financial statements and MD&A.

If you would like Lexata to build a modified calculator for your company in time for this year’s AGM, please contact us.

2021 Statutory Holidays

The following holidays have been blocked off the AGM calculators.

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • Family Day (February 15 in Ontario)
  • Good Friday (April 2)
  • Victoria Day (May 24)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Civic Holiday (August 2)
  • Labour Day (September 6)
  • Thanksgiving Day (October 11)
  • Christmas Day substitute (December 27)
  • Boxing Day substitute (December 28)