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Companion Policy to NI 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 7 Changes
Section 7.2

Mergers of Investment Funds

Subsection 5.6(1) of the Instrument provides that mergers of investment funds may be carried out on the conditions described in that subsection without prior approval of the securities regulatory authority. The Canadian securities regulatory authorities consider that the types of transactions contemplated by subsection 5.6(1) of the Instrument when carried out in accordance with the conditions of that subsection address the fundamental regulatory concerns raised by mergers of investment funds. This includes circumstances where a transaction does not satisfy the pre-approval criteria in clause 5.6(1)(a)(ii)(A) or subparagraph 5.6(1)(b)(i) but certain conditions are satisfied. In particular, the manager must come to the determination that the transaction is in the best interests in the investment fund and explain that view in the materials sent to securityholders. In circumstances where portfolios of the consolidating investment funds will be required to be realigned before a merger, the Canadian securities regulatory authorities note that paragraph 5.6(1)(h) of the Instrument provides that none of the costs and expenses associated with the transaction may be borne by the investment fund. Brokerage commissions payable as a result of any portfolio realignment necessary to carry out the transaction would, in the view of the Canadian securities regulatory authorities, be costs and expenses associated with the transaction.