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CSA Staff Notice 81-334 ESG-Related Investment Fund Disclosure [Part G Guidance]
Part G Guidance
V. Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

An investment fund is required to describe, in its prospectus, any material risks associated with an investment in the fund, [FN 28] including any risks associated with any particular aspect of the fundamental investment objectives and investment strategies. [FN 29]

Risk disclosure enables investors to better understand the potential material risks associated with investing in the fund, including the impact of those risks on a fund’s performance.

FN 28 Item 9 of Part B of Form 81-101F1; Item 12 of Form 41-101F2.

FN 29 Instruction (2) to Item 9 of Part B of Form 81-101F1; Item 12.1(1) of Form 41-101F2.