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Form 41-101F1 Information Required in a Prospectus
Item 34 Exemptions for Certain Issues of Guaranteed Securities
Section 34.1 Definitions and interpretation

summary financial information

(1) In this Item…

(g) “summary financial information” includes the following line items:

(i) revenue;

(ii) profit or loss from continuing operations attributable to owners of the parent;

(iii) profit or loss attributable to owners of the parent; and

(iv) unless the accounting principles used to prepare the financial statements of the entity permits the preparation of the entity’s statement of financial position without classifying assets and liabilities between current and non-current and the entity provides alternative meaningful financial information which is more appropriate to the industry,

(A) current assets;

(B) non-current assets;

(C) current liabilities; and

(D) non-current liabilities.