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Form 44-101F1 Short Form Prospectus
Item 11 Documents Incorporated by Reference
Section 11.4

Significant Acquisition for Which No Business Acquisition Report is Filed

(1) If the issuer has,

(a) since the beginning of the most recently completed financial year in respect of which annual financial statements are included in the short form prospectus; and

(b) more than 75 days prior to the date of filing the preliminary short form prospectus;

completed a transaction that would have been a significant acquisition for the purposes of Part 8 of NI 51-102 if the issuer had been a reporting issuer at the time of the transaction, and the issuer has not filed a business acquisition report in respect of the transaction, include the financial statements and other information in respect of the transaction that is prescribed by Form 51-102F4.

(2) If the issuer was exempt from the requirement to file a business acquisition report in respect of a transaction because the disclosure that would normally be included in a business acquisition report was included in another document, include that disclosure in the short form prospectus.


Disclosure required by section 11.3 or 11.4 to be included in the short form prospectus may be incorporated by reference from another document or included directly in the short form prospectus.